Selection of Food Choices that are Both Green and Healthy


Our environment is facing an existential risk as farming and land use drives massive pollution into waterways, ground water leaching and extreme harm to the atmosphere due to methane production from farm animals. There’s some tremendous damage caused by the traditional mass production and heavy meat consumption of the modern age, damage that will be difficult to fix for our planet. As such, each person needs to adapt their food intake and what types of food they eat accordingly, otherwise they risk exacerbating the problems.

One of the most obvious ways to help remedy these effects is to switch our own personal habits, though this is not always easy. People certainly want to change their ways and live a healthier life, it’s just a lot easier said than done. I remember when I was trying to lose weight, I was using a popular treatment known as the HCG diet. A¬†product out there known as HCG plus, which¬†were actually real hcg diet drops containing the actual hormone, I used as part of this weight loss attempt. Although it helped tremendously with my hunger and helped me burn fat off more quickly, I simply lacked the willpower to continue the effort, even after seeing awesome results once I stopped taking it. There simply was no way for me to control myself to the level required for success on my own. So too is it difficult to adapt to a healthier and more environmentally conscience diet.

The Plate of Tomorrow – What the Earth Needs Today

One of the simplest ways that a person can make a difference in this area is switching from animal proteins and to a vegetarian based protein diet. Vegetables and fruits do not produce greenhouse gases during their growth, and are significantly better for the environment and waterways than any meat we have available. In addition to these substantial benefits, this is also a lot better for our bodies as well. We will not only feel more energetic, but life healthier lives.

Agriculture PollutionThis is a lot easier said, than to make into a reality. Yet, this is what our planet needs in the long term. Waterways are being flooded with runoff from cattle ranches which result in significant water pollution, antibiotics reaching local water supplies, and significant local animal deaths and habitat destruction. Not only is this important, but if we were to reserve meat eating for more special occasions, we would severely cut down on land use, and increase productivity of farms. It takes 100 kilos or more of corn to produce one kilo of beef, whereas if we ate the corn directly instead it would be much less harmful to the environment, and to our own bodies.

These are not easy tasks, and require significant awareness among the population as well as more strict regulation and pricing of goods to put this kind of price signal out there. These consequences to the environment have a very expensive cost to society and the planet, and that needs to be reflected in the price at the grocery counter. Beyond that, the goal of changing ourselves at a personal level is possible, though not an easy road to climb, just like when we try to lose weight or better ourselves physically. These are important, not only for our environment, but for the health of humanity at large.

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