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Selection of Food Choices that are Both Green and Healthy


Our environment is facing an existential risk as farming and land use drives massive pollution into waterways, ground water leaching and extreme harm to the atmosphere due to methane production from farm animals. There’s some tremendous damage caused by the traditional mass production and heavy meat consumption of the modern age, damage that will be difficult to fix for our planet. As such, each person needs to adapt their food intake and what types of food they eat accordingly, otherwise they risk exacerbating the problems.

One of the most obvious ways to help remedy these effects is to switch our own personal habits, though this is not always easy. People certainly want to change their ways and live a healthier life, it’s just a lot easier said than done. I remember when I was trying to lose weight, I was using a popular treatment known as the HCG diet. A product out there known as HCG plus, which were actually real hcg diet drops containing the actual hormone, I used as part of this weight loss attempt. Although it helped tremendously with my hunger and helped me burn fat off more quickly, I simply lacked the willpower to continue the effort, even after seeing awesome results once I stopped taking it. There simply was no way for me to control myself to the level required for success on my own. So too is it difficult to adapt to a healthier and more environmentally conscience diet.

The Plate of Tomorrow – What the Earth Needs Today

One of the simplest ways that a person can make a difference in this area is switching from animal proteins and to a vegetarian based protein diet. Vegetables and fruits do not produce greenhouse gases during their growth, and are significantly better for the environment and waterways than any meat we have available. In addition to these substantial benefits, this is also a lot better for our bodies as well. We will not only feel more energetic, but life healthier lives.

Agriculture PollutionThis is a lot easier said, than to make into a reality. Yet, this is what our planet needs in the long term. Waterways are being flooded with runoff from cattle ranches which result in significant water pollution, antibiotics reaching local water supplies, and significant local animal deaths and habitat destruction. Not only is this important, but if we were to reserve meat eating for more special occasions, we would severely cut down on land use, and increase productivity of farms. It takes 100 kilos or more of corn to produce one kilo of beef, whereas if we ate the corn directly instead it would be much less harmful to the environment, and to our own bodies.

These are not easy tasks, and require significant awareness among the population as well as more strict regulation and pricing of goods to put this kind of price signal out there. These consequences to the environment have a very expensive cost to society and the planet, and that needs to be reflected in the price at the grocery counter. Beyond that, the goal of changing ourselves at a personal level is possible, though not an easy road to climb, just like when we try to lose weight or better ourselves physically. These are important, not only for our environment, but for the health of humanity at large.

The Technical Challenges of a Green Future

Green Buildings

Humanity is on the verge of something tremendously difficult to overcome. Will we continue to pursue “cheaper” energy that also will eventually cause us a great deal of harm? This is the question the world faces over the next 40 years, and it’s one that no one really has an answer to. We must make this decision in a way that preserves our ability to produce and manufacture things at an economical price, but also one that won’t wind up sacrificing our future and children’s future in the process.

Our Green FutureThis has been the biggest policy issue of the 21st century, with politicians appearing on all sides of the argument, mostly with their own vested interests. What does this mean for the common person who wants to make an impact? It means that it’s almost impossible to have a voice that carries any weight. That’s where organizations like Fonda Terra step in. Our goal is to provide a voice to the average person through our political invoice, public policy strategies and growth centric investments in our communities. By creating green options around us, people can take their own steps forward and discover how easy it is to adapt to this lifestyle.

Our Paris Bike Initiative

One of our recent construction projects was to provide electric scooters to universities in the area. Starting with Versailles, we have how built out hundreds of free electric scooters that students can rent for up to one hour. This helps people get used to a more mobile, cheap and safer way to travel that’s not really any more expensive overall than using a gas scooter. Electricity is far cheaper in Paris than gasoline, so these offer a great option in lieu of these climate harming transportation methods.

Our Wind Initiative

Nuclear power in France is plentiful, and is a really green solution for electricity needs. Not only is it a lot cheaper than our neighbors, but it’s completely emission free. Yet a lot of the excess (the remaining 25% of our electricity that isn’t nuclear) winds up being fossil fuels. One of our biggest pushes right now is to incorporate wind energy to make up some of this fringe need during peak times of the day. Right now most of this comes from natural gas, which outputs an enormous amount of CO2.

Finding an alternative to these damaging policies is what we’re all about. Through the introduction of sound fiscal reimbursements for nuclear and other renewables that are not burdensome to the taxpayer, through loan guarantees for example, Fonda Terra hopes to provide value to utilities as well as their customers.

The challenges that our most important to use over the next several years include, boosting funding to these renewable projects to make up the extra part of French power that’s required beyond nuclear. Promote more nuclear power initiatives with the present government to replace the aging infrastructure we have. We still strongly believe in the future of France’s role in nuclear energy, and it providing such a clean alternative to fossil fuels. These are expensive infrastructure projects at the start, but last for nearly 100 years and have the capability of providing much more clean energy than any other source.  Not only that, they’re way cheaper than alternatives for the EU.

With these goals in mind, we will charge head first into the foray with your help.  Together we can change France and Europe for the better and greener.

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